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The Friends of Blondin are a voluntary group who formed in the late 1990’s to support Ealing Council with the development and management of Blondin Park and Nature area.  A lot of time and money has already been invested in the park to make it a fantastic and popular green open space.  The park is well used by dog walkers and those wishing to exercise whether it be walking, jogging, playing football or using the gym equipment.

On 6th December 2014 over 250 volunteers helped transform Blondin Park by planting 10,000 trees to create a new woodland area.  Our thanks go to Trees for Cities and all the volunteers who helped make this happen.



To put in an electricity supply into the park to facilitate the Brentford Festival and future sporting activities within the park.

To form a consortium between Friends of Boston Manor, Ealing Eagles and the Brentford Festival and LB Ealing to create a sporting hub.

To fundraise for and to build a community pavilion.


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